Private Sessions





‚ÄčI have a limited number of slots available for private or corporate sessions in your own home or office, Monday-Friday daytimes. Please contact me to enquire about current availability and rates.  


I offer mat Pilates using small equipment such as the Theraband, ball, "magic circle" and light weights.  Popular with athletes and dancers and often used by physiotherapists, this therapuetic practice is good for general conditioning, core stability, joint mobility, a healthy back, good posture and injury prevention.  I maintain the principles of Pilates in my teaching but incorporate contemporary modifications and additions to the classical repertoire.  Pilates can help you stay active and able to enjoy other forms of exercise that improve the quality of life.


The style of yoga I teach is gently-paced hatha flow yoga which can improve flexibility, strength and contribute to stress reduction and general well-being. The physical postures provide many subtle, internal benefits as the practice helps to synchronize mind, breath and body so that you feel refreshed, focussed and centred at the end of every session.  A typical practice could include meditative breathing, sun salutations, standing poses, hip and shoulder openers, balances, core and spine work, seated and restorative postures. Modifications and progressions are offered to accommodate your current energy or fitness levels, injuries and health issues, or specific goals.